Nuba Mountain Coalition Time Line

Nuba Mountain Coalition Time Line

To Launch Web Site by 1-1-2012

Please view this tutorial by Brian

Introduction to how the Nuba site works:

Web  Site Roles

We need to each accomplish the following tasks

Task Assigned To Date Comment
Unity Yassin, Lamess, Lubna 12-22-2011 Member Cities, States 


Skype Reports Justin Banta 

Reports Pending


How to add a new post:


Justin needs pass code from Brian to post his reports??

Updates to Web site Tito 12-20-11 Review all content 


Donation Language Bob Cooper 12-18-11 Furnish to TitoComplete
Women’s Report Paulette Cooper 12-18-11 Furnish to TitoComplete
Review Web Site Brian Hardin Tito 12-26-11 Review all content and 6 month commitments
Final Review All 12-29-11

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