January 14, 2012 Womens Report

When I spoke with Zanab, she told me, “There is almost no food.”  Those words were repeated over and over again.  ALMOST NO FOOD!   “We have one small meal a day.”  “We walk three hours to find water.”  “The fear of the bombs and missiles causes us to have miscarriages.”“My friend gave birth by the stream.  We cut the umbilical cord with a sharp rock.”These are just a few of the things the woman I talked with today told me.  The shortage of food is caused by the bombs and missiles being dropped on their villages by the government of Sudan and the impending drought.  The roads into the villages are blocked by the government.  No food or humanitarian aid is allowed to come through.  Stark terror and starvation rule.  I cannot, no matter how hard I try, imagine
what life is like for these women and their children.  How can we watch and continue to say, “Not on my watch”  Whenthe bombs are dropped and the missiles come down, the people flee.  They run taking nothing with them.  No extra clothes, no shoes, no food, nowater, NOTHING!  There is no time togather possessions or supplies.  Run!  Run, as fast as you can.  Look for a place of safety.  There is none.  Run.  Run.  Terror rules the day.
hear a lot about soldiers suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.  I wonder how many of these people suffer the same thing.  I remember a refugee telling me once that the daytime was fine, and he had no problems.  It was the night that bothered him, when he slept and the nightmares woke him.  Tears
streamed down his cheeks when he told me that.
Why can’t we all live in peace? (as reported by PBC-Dallas, Tx)

This week the US government has taken steps to demand that humanitarian aid be allowed into the towns and villages of the Nuba Mountain area of Sudan.  Will it happen?  Join us as by Acting Now!

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