Report 1-21-12

21, 2012

This week our conversation continued about the current conditions in the Nuba
Mountains.  No women were able to participate in the conversation.
Conditions continue to deteriorate.  A large number of women and
children are in the hospital with malaria.  In fact, the gentleman with
whom we were speaking told us that he had to hurry back to the hospital as his
wife was there and suffering from malaria.  For that reason, the interview
was shorter than usual this week.  He left his wife in the hospital so he
could talk with us, and he was in a hurry to get back to her.  The cases
of malaria are on the rise because when the bombs and the missiles fall, the
women and children hide in the bush.  They are not able to take anything
with them.  Nothing.  No shoes, no blankets, no mosquito nets.
Not one thing except the clothes on their backs.  They are unable to
protect themselves from the mosquitos that carry malaria since there are no
nets.  They are bitten and become sick.  Malaria and malnutrition are
not a good mix. They are kept in the hospital because there is food available.
If they go home, there is not enough food, and the medication for malaria
must be taken with food.  Catch 22.

There continues to be less food in the marketplace, and the costs continue to rise.
There is some rice and some sugar available, also a bit of tea and coffee
but little else.  No one is quite sure where the food comes from that they
do have.  The people exchange animals for food.  The men hunt for
small animals as best they can.

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