SKYPE call to Nuba Mountains 3-24-2012 as reported by Apaulo

We were able to get our call through LAST weekend!

The bombing continues.

  • On Sunday, March 18, 2012,
    the Antonov dropped four bombs in Kalkada Village and killed one
    woman.  Her body was ripped to
    shreds and totally destroyed.  Her
    four children are now orphans.  Who
    will take care of them?
  • On the same day, the Antonov dropped
    three more bombs in Alazirag.  This
    time there were no causalities.
  • March 22, Kalkada was bombed by the
    Antonov.  No one was killed or
    injured.  In Kauda, the Antonov and
    Migs dropped two bombs inside Kauda and three bombs outside Kauda.  One child and one man were injured.  The Mig dropped three bombs inside Kauda
    on the airstrip.  The full extent of
    the damage is not known at this time.
  • On March 23, a Mig bombed
    Mendi Village, but no one was hurt.
    The Antonov (bomber) was flying over their heads every day and
    night.  Sometimes it drops bombs and
    sometimes it does not.  The voice of
    the Antonov strikes fear and terror into the minds of the people.  They never know which time the Antonov
    will drop bombs and which time it is just a fly over.

It has been weeks ince conditions permitted the SKYPE  call to be made.
People were too afraid to gather.  Starvation imminent.


The food scarcity is increasing.

  • One family said they did not have any food to
    eat that day and asked if someone could please bring food, not for the adults,
    but please being food for the children who are crying and have nothing to



There is no clean, disease free water nearby.  People walk many miles for clean water.  A Jerry can full of water weighs 40

The rainy season is about to begin.  It is time for the people in the Nuba
Mountains to prepare the farms for planting.
No one is doing it.  They live in
constant fear and terror of bombs and missiles and soldiers and
starvation.  As long as this continues,
there will be no crops planted.
George Clooney, hear us.  We need you.

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