My Sister’s Story by Kojo Locho

Vanished.  Gone without a trace.  My sister is missing.  No one knows where she is.  Our family is very worried about her.  She has three children, and they miss their mother.  They are 6, 10, and 12 years old.  She went to the market one day in July of 2011 to buy food and never came back.

Some soldiers came into the market place and took the women away to a camp.  No one is allowed to enter the camp.  The men had run away.  She had her cell phone with her and had hidden it as best she could.  She was able to make one phone call to let us know she had been kidnapped.  No one has heard a word from her since that first day of her capture.

We worry.  Where is she?  Her children miss her.  They want their mother back home.  We wait.  We hope.  We continue to search for her.  We want her home.  Surely, someone can help us.  Will you?  Please tell her story to someone you know and ask them to tell another person.  Ask Congress to help.  Together we can stop this.  Together we will make a difference.  Together we will find her.  Together.


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