Dallas church volunteers serve refugees in Africa

With global attention focused on Ebola in West Africa, the deadly civil war 6,000 miles to the east in the Sudan is all but forgotten.

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President Obama’s Message to Sudan and South Sudan

In these video-taped remarks, President Obama sends an important and very clear message to the people of Sudan and South Sudan: conflict is not inevitable. The people of Sudan and South Sudan still have a choice, a chance to avoid being dragged back into war.  

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Lamees and Lubna’s Story

Lamees and Lubna Abdula talk about their participation in the Nuba Mountains Peace Coalition.

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Video of suffering the People of Nuba by Aljazeera


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Paulette Cooper’s Story

Paulette Cooper shares the story of how she became involved with the Nuba Mountains Peace Coalition, and her firm belief that one person can always make a difference.

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Tito Elgassai’s Story

Tito Elgassai shares the story of his life in the Nuba Mountains in Sudan, and discusses the current crisis and genocide taking place there.

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Please watch this video about humanitarian crisis

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Bombing in South Sudan

Enough Project Co-founder John Prendergast and Policy Advisor Omer Ismail discuss the Nov. 10 2011 bombing of a refugee camp in South Sudan by Sudanese military aircraft. Ismail just returned from the region, where he heard accounts of refugees from Blue Nile State. From the Enough Project web site: http://www.enoughproject.org/

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Uncut Interview with the Coopers

    John talks with Bob and Paulette Cooper of North Texas about their work to help deliver clean water to the people of Darfur.

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